with our gift cards
Gift card
Choose the nominal price
When we get your payment, we’ll send you an email with your gift card.
Order processing occurs within 1 day from the day of payment.

You will get an electronic version of the gift card (like on the picture you see).
You can print the gift card as well (we recommend tight papers for printing).

On the second page of the gift card you will see a nominal price and a unique number of the card.
If you want to add some wishes - we can add them on the card, just fill the form below.

Use the gift card during 6 months from the day of payment.

You can’t exchange the gift card on money. But you can pay the difference in a gift card nominal price and a final cost of your order.

Every gift card has an unique number: so you can give it as a gift again, but you can’t use one gift card few times. 

if you want to add some wishes on the gift card - put them in the form and press “send”